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Clean Asia Initiative (CAI)

List of Measures (FY2009)

Promote societies in harmony with nature, while adapting to climate change

Name of Measures (Budgets) Outline Target countries
Contribution to the United Nations University (Project for implementing activities under the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative (IPSI)) Contribute to the implementation of IPSI activities toward the realization of "societies in harmony with nature" as defined as the vision of the Satoyama Initiative All countries
Project for Establishing the Important Coral Reef Networks in Asia-Oceania. Establish the Coral Reef Marine Protected Area Networks in East Asia Asian and Pacific countries
Contribution to the Asia and Pacific Region Joint Research and Observation Project on the Global Environment Promote joint research by the Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN). Asian and Pacific countries (22 countries)
Budget for Global Biodiversity Monitoring Promote the East and Southeast Asia Biodiversity Information Initiative. East and Southeast Asian countries
Establish global biodiversity monitoring systems. Asian and Pacific countries
Project on Assessment of the Climate Change Impacts and Promotion of Adaptation Monitor climate change impacts, assess evaluation and promote adaptation policies Japan/East Asian countries

Note: The above-listed measures include measures whose budgets will partially be used for CAI-related measures.