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Report on Environmental Survey and Monitoring of Chemicals, FY2003

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- CHEMICALS IN THE ENVIRONMENT (FY2003)pdficonsmall.gif (6.1 MB)
- List of Tables
- List of Figures
- List of Acronymspdficonsmall.gif (420 kB)
- Introductionpdficonsmall.gif (430 kB)
- Chapter 1     Outline of Environmental Investigation on the Status of Pollution by Chemical Substancespdficonsmall.gif (490 kB)
- Chapter 2     Summary of the FY2002 Initial Environmental Surveypdficonsmall.gif (1.0 MB)
- Chapter 3     Summary of Results of the FY2002 Environmental Survey for Exposure Studypdficonsmall.gif (1.1 MB)
- Chapter 4     Summary of the FY2002 Monitoring Investigationpdficonsmall.gif (2.3 MB)
- Appendices
- Outline of the Chemical Substances Control Lawpdficonsmall.gif (1.1 MB)
- Summary of results of the General Inspection Survey of Chemical Substances on Environmental Safety [FY2004 Ed.]  pdficonsmall.gif (500 kB)  Excel version is here. exceliconsmall.gif (520 kB)
- Suggested Sampling Method for Environmental Surveys Concerning Chemical Substancespdficonsmall.gif (440 kB)
- Summary of Analytical Methods for Environmental Surveyspdficonsmall.gif (2.4 MB)