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Target Technology Fields Fields Currently Targeted Small hydropower generation technology field Global warming mitigation technology field (lighting energy reduction technologies) Human waste treatment in natural areas: human waste treatment technology field Organic wastewater treatment technology field Water environment improvement technologies in enclosed coastal seas field Water purification technologies for lakes and reservoirs field Heat-island mitigation technology field (technologies for reducing air conditioning loads by using building envelope systems) Heat-island mitigation technology field (heat pump air-conditioning systems using ground source heat, wastewater heat, etc.) Simplified VOC, etc. measurement technology field
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Verification results so far
実証済み技術一覧 実証した技術数 実証試験結果報告書

List of Verified Technologies

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Number of Technologies Verified

In total, 585 technologies in all of the subject technology fields have been verified so far (as of the end of FY 2014).


* Refer to the “List of Verified Technologies” for the verification results for individual technologies.
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Verification Test Reports

• Verification Test report (Full Version)
A verification test report (full version) is prepared by a verification organization and compiles all results of the verification test, including the contents below.
It is approved by the MOE only after a thorough review by the working group in the relevant technology field consisting of knowledgeable persons. All reports are registered and are accessible on the MOE’s ETV Program Website, etc.
Executive summary
Outline and purpose of the verification test
Subject technology for verification and outline
      • Name and verification number of technology
      • Fundamentals of the subject technology for verification
      • Specifications and environmental conservation effects of the subject technology for verification
Applicant (name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address and WEB address)
Method and progress situation of the verification test
      • Implementation schedule for entire verification test
      • Verification items concerning environmental conservation effects
        (methods and dates of verification)
Verification test results and their analysis
   (presentation of measurement and analysis results using tables and graphs)
      • Verification items concerning environmental conservation effects
        (physical property, calculation result)
      • Quality control of data
      • Audit of the quality control system
• Verification Test report (Abridged Version)
A verification test report (abridged version) is a concise report primarily featuring the most pertinent verification test results based on the verification test report (full version)

Refer to the relevant PDF file document in the List of Verified Technologies
for the verification test report for a specific technology.
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