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The Antarctic Continent has a reason why it is called "the land of snow and ice"; the Continent is literally covered with a thick ice sheet that reaches up to an average of 2,450m. The average altitude of the Continent is 2,300m, which is remarkably high compared to other continents.

The average temperature is -10 degrees centigrade along the coast, but it decreases to -60 degrees centigrade inland and the lowest inland temperature is lower than -80 degrees centigrade . The extreme cold, strong winds and dryness in Antarctica have created one of the most severe natural environments on Earth.

The areas south of 66.5° South Latitude have days without the sun in winter and days with sun light for 24 hours in summer. The higher the latitude is, the longer the duration of midnight sun and polar nights become.

Due to the unique environment, Antarctica provides us with spectacular landscapes and natural phenomenon.
Mountain Range
Aurora Sun Mirage Hydraulic Jump
Sastrugi Glacier Iceberg Rock Exposure
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