Water / Soil / Ground Environment

The Results of Radioactive Material Monitoring Surveys of Aquatic Organisms (2014 Spring Samples)

Survey Overview and Results

Results of each river

Abukumagawa River (A, B) Results [PDF 130KB] , Map [PDF 170KB]
Udagawa River C Results [PDF 125KB] , Map [PDF 161KB]
Manogawa River D Results [PDF 124KB] , Map [PDF 148KB]
Nittagawa River E Results [PDF 129KB] , Map [PDF 127KB]
Otagawa River F Results [PDF 125KB] , Map [PDF 137KB]
Hayamako Lake G Results [PDF 123KB] , Map [PDF 80KB]
Akimotoko Lake H Results [PDF 125KB] , Map [PDF 137KB]
Inawashiroko Lake(I,J) Results [PDF 128KB] , Map [PDF 107KB]
Offshore of Abukumagawa River Estuary K Results [PDF 119KB] , Map [PDF 90KB]
Offshore of Somashi City L Results [PDF 117KB] , Map [PDF 185KB]
Offshore of Iwakishi City M Results [PDF 126KB] , Map [PDF 139KB]

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