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Press Release

Cabinet Decision on the Bill Partially Amending the Climate Change Policy Law

February 9, 2006

Aiming at achieving the reduction commitment of greenhouse gases (GHGs) under the Kyoto Protocol, the Government of Japan utilizes the Kyoto Mechanisms* to fill the shortfall in the commitment despite all domestic efforts available taken.

On February 10, the Cabinet will decide on the bill partially amending the Climate Change Policy Law, which will be submitted to the 164th ordinary session of the Diet. The bill stipulates the development of a Japanese national registry to ensure the accurate and secure accounting of the holdings, acquisition and transfer of Kyoto Protocol units (e.g. CERs, ERUs, AAUs).

* Kyoto Mechanisms were introduced to the Kyoto Protocol as innovative and flexible mechanisms to lower the overall costs of achieving the emissions reduction targets in collaboration with the international community. The Mechanisms consist of Joint Implementation (JI), Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and international emissions trading.


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