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Press Release

Enforcement Status of the Water Pollution-related Laws in FY 2004

September 27, 2005

For smooth promotion of water environment administration, the Ministry of the Environment summarized the enforcement status of three water pollution-related laws in FY 2004. The laws are the Water Pollution Control Law, the Law concerning Special Measures for Conservation of the Environment of the Seto Inland Sea , and the Law concerning Special Measures for Conservation of Lake Water Quality.

The number of factories and business establishments subject to the effluent control (hereinafter referred to as "the specified business establishments") totaled approximately 292,000 (Table 1), out of which hotel business comes on top with approximately 71,000 establishments, comprising approximately 24% (Table 2) in FY 2004. The number of on-site inspections of these specified business establishments was approximately 48,000 cases. Administrative guidance was conducted in approximately 7,000 cases (Table 3). Administrative orders to improve the situation were conducted in 35 cases, administrative orders to suspend the operation were conducted in five cases (Table 4). Four arrests were made for infringement of effluent standard (Table 5).


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