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Announcing a Nickname for a New Style Business Wear for Summer and Environmental Events Held at EXPO 2005

April 27, 2005

Aiming to prevent global warming, the Ministry of the Environment (MoE) has been making efforts in encouraging people to set the temperature of air conditioner at offices to 28 degree C during the summer months. As one of those efforts, the MoE has decided to promote light business wear for summer which people can work cool and efficiently with room temperature at 28 degree C.

In this regard, the MoE invited people to propose a nickname reflecting "cool looking and cool working" image of this new business wear for summer. A selecting committee consisted of eminent persons with the presence of the Environment Minister Koike chose "COOL BIZ", on April 25, as the most appropriate naming for this fashion out of 3,000 proposals

At Expo 2005 Aichi, the MoE will organize various events on June5, the World Environment Day including a fashion show titled as "COOL BIZ Collection" at Expo Dome to promote new style business wears for summer and "Nature and Ecotourism Talk Show" at Expo Hall, to introduce nature conservation and its activities.

The MoE will exhibit ECO LINK at the forest visitor center near the entrance of the Forest Experience Zone (south forest). ECO LINK is an exhibition designed to help people to consider what they can do to preserve the Planet Earth for the future by showing how grave the global environmental issues including global warming are. At the visual experience zone, people can realize they themselves are the leading figures in addressing global environmental challenges.

Exhibits show that various environmental issues including global warming give serious impacts on human beings. The increasing volume of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions shown on the electronic display indicates that it is emitted from our way of life.

Panel display here is divided into five themes; water, the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), traffic, lifestyle, and housing. For each theme, consumption of natural resources and its impact on global environment is illustrated.

This is a visual experience zone to reflect on the global environment through participation. Three planets suffering from severe environmental destruction are in need of help. By extending a hand over a planet, the planet can be revived. And when many hands are extended over the earth, let's see what will happen!

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