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Press Release

Status of Low-Emission Vehicle Introduction into the Fleet of Government-Owned General Vehicles

April 26, 2005

The Ministry of the Environment compiled and announced the number of low-emission vehicles (LEVs) introduced into the fleet of government-owned general vehicles* during FY 2004. The Prime Minister directed at the Cabinet Meeting on May 8, 2001 that the entire fleet of government-owned general vehicles should be replaced with LEVs within a three-year time frame, beginning in FY 2002. In response, government ministries and agencies drew up an introduction plan and have been promoting the procurement of LEVs.

The number of LEVs introduced by ministries and agencies in FY 2004 was 1,026. As of March 31, 2005, all of the government-owned general vehicles have been replaced with LEVs.

Note: Government-owned general vehicles are standard or small-size passenger cars with a seating capacity of ten or less used for ordinary administrative duties. Purchased LEVs except for leased ones were counted.


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