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Press Release

Effects of Green Purchasing by Government Institutions

March 31, 2005

Ministry of the Environment conducted an environmental benefit study that includes information on CO2 emission reduction through the efforts on promoting green procurement by government institutions and on the status of the market for items meeting green procurement criteria (hereinafter referred to as the "designated procurement items").

The survey results show that the achievement of green procurement by government institutions remains high, and 45 thousand tons of CO2 was reduced through green procurement in FY 2003. The amount is equivalent to the CO2 emissions by approximately 22 thousand people in the household sector*. Government procurement of the designated procurement items in FY 2003 is more than 95% for most of the items (112 items in total).

The percentage of designated procurement items in the market has been expanding. The result of the survey conducted on the market share of 30 items in 10 categories of the designated procurement items shows increasing trend. Stationery, among others, showed outstanding effects of green procurement by government institutions. For example, the market share of mechanical pencils increased from 15.7% in FY 2000 to 37.4% in FY 2003.

Since FY 2001, the government and government-related entities have been promoting green procurement by setting targets of procurement of goods and services. It has contributed to reduce environmental loads in complying with the Law Concerning the Promotion of Procurement of Eco-Friendly Good and Services by the State and Other Entities (generally known as the Green Purchasing Promotion Law).

* Lifecycle years are taken into consideration in accounting CO2 emissions at using stage. The amount of CO2 emission reduction for one year of using stage is 13 thousand tons.

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