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Press Release

The 5th International Symposium on Environmental Endocrine Disrupters

November 28, 2002 (Thu.)
Contact:Environmental Health and Safety Division,
Environmental Health Department,
Ministry of the Environment
Tel: 03-3581-3351
Kazuhiko Adachi (Ext. 6350)
Manabu Sumi (Ext. 6352)
In Charge:Hiroyuki Hori (Ext. 6354)
Atsuo Okumura(Ext. 6354)


Under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment, the 5th International Symposium on Environmental Endocrine Disrupters was held at the International Conference Center Hiroshima for a 3-day period beginning November 26 and has now been completed.


A total of 2,200 people from 17 countries (including total 200 people from foreign countries) attended. Participants included researchers, administrators, members of industrial associations and people from the general public.

November 26 (Tue): Approx. 1,000 people (Program open to the Public)
November 27 (Wed): Approx. 600 people (Program for Experts)
November 28 (Thu): Approx. 600 people (Program for Experts)

2.Circumstances and contents

At the program open to the public held on the first day, Prof. Osamu Tsutsumi of the University of Tokyo gave a special lecture entitled "Effects of Preimplantation and Prenatal Exposure of Endocrine Disrupters on Next Generation." Several speakers also gave descriptions of what was being done about the problem of endocrine disrupters by a number of institutions in various countries including Japan. A panel discussion on "Environmental Risk Communication" was also held. Lively discussions were seen in all sessions.

In the Program for Experts held on the second and third days, leading researchers provided presentations, followed by a discussion of the latest findings. The presentations covered various fields such as "Effect on Immune System", "Frogs", "Thyroid Hormone", "Sexual Differentiation", "Exposure Assessment / Risk Assessment" and "Children's Health".

A poster session was held by the Japan Society of Endocrine Disrupter Research. A large number of research presentations (308 presentations) were given, each of which was discussed by participants in front of the presentation panel.

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