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Coastal Area 15809 Adjacent waters of Yuya Bay

Basic Information A separate window opensReferences

Relevant municipalities Shimonoseki, Nagato, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Area (km2) 150

Reason(s) for selection A separate window opensCriteria

Selected due to high levels for the criteria 2, and selected by MARXAN software.

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These are the waters in the vicinity of Yuya Bay in the cities of Shimonoseki and Nagato, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Near the mouth of Yuya Bay, communities of Eisenia bicyclis and Sargassum fulvellum form. Communities of Ecklonia cava form more in 5m depth, that are some of the largest communities on the Sea of Japan Coast. Also here are eel grass beds that are comparatively large for the Sea of Japan Coast. In addition, on its Sea of Japan side Yuya Bay includes expansive sandy tidal mud flats, where many-formed cerith, Batillaria zonalis, Assiminea hiradoensis, and other rare species live (Ministry of the Environment, 2001).

Environment / Habitat infromation A separate window opensData source

Tidal mud flats (km2) 0.3
Moba (seaweed bed) (km2) 27.2
Coral reef coverage (km2)
Natural coast (km) 72.4
Rate of natural coast (%) 70.3
Sand bank / submerged sand bank
Other habitats

Species information (*) A separate window opensData source

Criteria 1
<Bivalva, Gastropoda>
Angustassiminea castanea
Cassidula plecotrematoides japonica
Criteria 2
Pandion haliaetus (Osprey)[Br/Ne]
Branchiostegus japonicus (Horsehead tilefish)[Sp]
Engraulis japonicus (Japanese anchovy)[Sp]
Trichiurus japonicus (Largehead hairtail)[Sp]
Seriola quinqueradiata (Japanese amberjack)[Sp]
Trachurus japonicus (Japanese jack mackerel)[Sp]
Sardinops melanostictus (Japanese pilchard)[Sp]
Sepioteuthis lessoniana (Bigfin Reef Squid)
Loligo edulis (Swordtip squid)
Todarodes pacificus (Japanese flying squid)
Octopus vulgaris (Common octopus)
Criteria 3
Anguilla japonica (Japanese eel)
Leucopsarion petersii (Ice goby )
Cottus pollux (Japanese fluvial sculpin )
Sesarmops intermedium
<Bivalva, Gastropoda>
Ellobium chinense
Pythia cecillei
Melampus sincaporensis
Criteria 7
Luciogobius guttatus (Flat-headed goby)
<Bivalva, Gastropoda>
Truncatella pfeifferi
Moerella rutila
<Vascular Plants>
Zostera marina (Eel grass)
Halophila ovalis
Zostera japonica
Criteria 8
<Natural Monuments>
Wintering place of Japanese Cormorant Phalacrocorax capillatus in Kabe-shima <kabe-shima u toraichi (in Japanese)>

* This is the species list of which meet the criteria. In that matter, this list does not include all species that inhabit the individual area.
Abbreviation in the information is as follows.
[Br/Ne] : Adjacent water of breeding area or nesting site
[Sp] : spawning area
[Ad] : species not used for analysis but add to the list because inhabit information was collected later
[Ex] : species used for analysis but considered to be possibly extinct in the EBSA region (area)
No mark : data of species distribution


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