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Coastal Area 15603 Adjacent waters of Matsuura and Imari Bay

Basic Information A separate window opensReferences

Relevant municipalities Imari, Genkai, Karatsu, Saga Prefecture; Matsuura, Nagasaki Prefecture
Area (km2) 239

Reason(s) for selection A separate window opensCriteria

Selected due to high levels for the criteria 1, 3 and 7, and selected by MARXAN software.

Characteristics A separate window opensReferences

These waters include those from northern Hirado Island to the vicinity of the Genkai Sea at the Higashimatsuura Peninsula. In the Hirado Strait are extensive sea jungles of eel grass, Eisenia bicyclis, wakame, Undaria peterseniana, Ecklonia stolonifera, and others, along with wakame beds and other features. The coast of the sea extending in front of Hiraomen in the city of Matsuura is home to a community of Gelidium crinale. There are numerous islands in the vicinity of Imari Bay, and the inner bay has a complex terrain, with rare species such as Pythia cecillii, Iravadia sakaguchii, Assimineidae sp., and Assiminea yoshidayukioi found in the common reed beds and tidal mud flats at the river mouth and in the inner bay. Japanese horseshoe crabs also live here (Ministry of the Environment, 2001).

Environment / Habitat infromation A separate window opensData source

Tidal mud flats (km2) 9.2
Moba (seaweed bed) (km2) 21.9
Coral reef coverage (km2)
Natural coast (km) 398.7
Rate of natural coast (%) 55.3
Sand bank / submerged sand bank
Other habitats Oyster reef

Species information (*) A separate window opensData source

Criteria 1
Cleistostoma dilatatum
<Bivalva, Gastropoda>
Cyclina sinensis
Tegillarca granosa
Meretrix lusoria
Corbicula japonica
Criteria 2
Apus pacificus (Pacific Swift)[Br/Ne]
Branchiostegus japonicus (Horsehead tilefish)[Sp]
Engraulis japonicus (Japanese anchovy)[Sp]
Seriola quinqueradiata (Japanese amberjack)[Sp]
Trachurus japonicus (Japanese jack mackerel)[Sp]
Sardinops melanostictus (Japanese pilchard)[Sp]
Scomber japonicus (Chub mackerel)[Sp]
Pagrus major (Red seabream)[Sp]
Tachypleus tridentatus (Horseshoe club)
Sepioteuthis lessoniana (Bigfin Reef Squid)
Loligo edulis (Swordtip squid)
Todarodes pacificus (Japanese flying squid)
Criteria 3
Asclepios shiranui
Halobates matsumurai
Helice (Helice) tridens
Cleistostoma dilatatum
Deiratonotus cristatus
Parasesarma plicatum
Ilyoplax pusilla
Uca lactea
Macrophthalmus japonicus
<Bivalva, Gastropoda>
Serratina diaphana
Ellobium chinense
Cerithideopsilla djadjariensis
Littorina brevicula
Tegillarca granosa
Meretrix lusoria
Criteria 7
Macrophthalmus abbreviatus
Tachypleus tridentatus (Horseshoe club)
Uca lactea
Macrophthalmus japonicus
<Bivalva, Gastropoda>
Serratina diaphana
Clithon sowerbianus
Meretrix lusoria
Cerithidea rhizophorarum
Cerithideopsilla cingulata
<Vascular Plants>
Aster tripolium (Sea aster)
Triglochin asiaticum
Artemisia fukudo
Zostera marina (Eel grass)[Ad]
Zostera japonica[Ad]

* This is the species list of which meet the criteria. In that matter, this list does not include all species that inhabit the individual area.
Abbreviation in the information is as follows.
[Br/Ne] : Adjacent water of breeding area or nesting site
[Sp] : spawning area
[Ad] : species not used for analysis but add to the list because inhabit information was collected later
[Ex] : species used for analysis but considered to be possibly extinct in the EBSA region (area)
No mark : data of species distribution


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