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Coastal Area 14603 Adjacent waters of Northeastern Amami Oshima Island

Basic Information A separate window opensReferences

Relevant municipalities Amami, Tatsugo, Kagoshima Prefecture
Area (km2) 135

Reason(s) for selection A separate window opensCriteria

Selected due to high levels for the criteria 1, 7 and 8, and selected by MARXAN software.

Characteristics A separate window opensReferences

These are the waters from the vicinity of Cape Kasari at the northern tip of Amami Oshima Island to the river-mouth tidal mud flats of the Sumiyo River on the east coast. The mouth of Sumiyo Bay (the mouths of the Sumiyo and Yakugachi rivers and the Jo Inland Sea) are habitat for Kandelia obovata and black mangrove, and a rare spot where mangroves are distributed, as well as home to rare conches in proliferation. In the mangrove forests the fry and larva of species including Plecoglossus altivelis ryukyuensis, crustaceans, and other fish are born and raised (Ministry of the Environment, 2001). Upogebia sakaii have been confirmed to inhabit the tidal mud flats, and other important benthic species are distributed in the large mangrove communities (Itani, 2004a; 2004b).

Environment / Habitat infromation A separate window opensData source

Tidal mud flats (km2) 0.3
Moba (seaweed bed) (km2)
Coral reef coverage (km2) 8.8
Natural coast (km) 62.6
Rate of natural coast (%) 71.9
Sand bank / submerged sand bank
Other habitats Mangroves

Species information (*) A separate window opensData source

Criteria 1
Upogebia sakaii
Ilyograpsus nodulosus
Tmethypocoelis choreutes
Ptychognathus capillidigitatus
Criteria 2
Monticola solitarius (Blue Rock-thrush)[Br/Ne]
Egretta sacra (Pacific Reef-egret)[Br/Ne]
Sterna dougallii (Roseate Tern)
Sterna dougallii (Roseate Tern)[Br/Ne]
Criteria 3
Sterna sumatrana (Black-naped Tern)
Sterna albifrons (Little Tern)
Sterna dougallii (Roseate Tern)
Laticauda semifasciata (Chinese Sea Snake)
Laticauda laticaudata (Brown-lipped Sea Krait)
Anguilla japonica (Japanese eel)
Plecoglossus altivelis altivelis (Ayu sweetfish)
Sicyopterus lagocephalus (Red-tailed goby)
Helice (Helice) tridens
Upogebia sakaii
<Bivalva, Gastropoda>
Stenomelania costellaris
Laemodonta siamensis
Acanthastrea hemprichii
Pavona decussata
Criteria 7
Luciogobius guttatus (Flat-headed goby)
Macrophthalmus abbreviatus
Moerella rutila
<Bivalva, Gastropoda>
Clithon sowerbianus
Neritina turrita
Neritina plumbea

* This is the species list of which meet the criteria. In that matter, this list does not include all species that inhabit the individual area.
Abbreviation in the information is as follows.
[Br/Ne] : Adjacent water of breeding area or nesting site
[Sp] : spawning area
[Ad] : species not used for analysis but add to the list because inhabit information was collected later
[Ex] : species used for analysis but considered to be possibly extinct in the EBSA region (area)
No mark : data of species distribution


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