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Coastal Area 13901 Adjacent waters of Tosa Yokonami

Basic Information A separate window opensReferences

Relevant municipalities Kochi, Susaki, Nakatosa, Tosa, Kochi Prefecture
Area (km2) 148

Reason(s) for selection A separate window opensCriteria

Selected due to high levels for the criteria 7, and selected by MARXAN software.

Characteristics A separate window opensReferences

These waters extend from the Niyodo River in Kochi Prefecture to Uranouchi Bay and Susaki Bay. Uranouchi Bay features expansive seaweed beds in which communities of broad-leafed Sargassum piluliferum as well as Ulva pertusa can be seen. Off the coast in the vicinity of Yokobae typical Pacific warm-water Sargassum bed communities and homogeneous Sargassum micracanthum communities unfold (Ministry of the Environment, 2001). In addition, one of the two pods of Bryde's whale in the vicinity of Japan is distributed in these waters (Hattori and Yamamura, 2014a).

Environment / Habitat infromation A separate window opensData source

Tidal mud flats (km2) 0.05
Moba (seaweed bed) (km2) 1
Coral reef coverage (km2) 0.1
Natural coast (km) 69.5
Rate of natural coast (%) 50.5
Sand bank / submerged sand bank
Other habitats

Species information (*) A separate window opensData source

Criteria 1
Lates japonicus (Japanese lates)
Cottus kazika (Fourspine sculpin)
<Bivalva, Gastropoda>
Angustassiminea castanea
Stenomelania rufescens
Assiminea estuarina
Peregrinamor ohshimai
Solen strictus
Criteria 2
Balaenoptera edeni (Bryde's whale)
Charadrius dubius (Little Ringed Plover)[Br/Ne]
Charadrius alexandrinus (Kentish Plover)[Br/Ne]
Parapristipoma trilineatum (Chicken grunt)[Sp]
Etrumeus teres (Red-eye round herring)[Sp]
Engraulis japonicus (Japanese anchovy)[Sp]
Seriola quinqueradiata (Japanese amberjack)[Sp]
Trachurus japonicus (Japanese jack mackerel)[Sp]
Criteria 3
Lates japonicus (Japanese lates)
Anguilla japonica (Japanese eel)
Cottus kazika (Fourspine sculpin)
Gymnogobius scrobiculatus
Leucopsarion petersii (Ice goby )
<Bivalva, Gastropoda>
Stenomelania rufescens
Littorina brevicula
<Other invertebrate>
Mesochaetopterus japonicus
Criteria 7
Luciogobius pallidus
Luciogobius guttatus (Flat-headed goby)
Ocypode stimpsoni
<Bivalva, Gastropoda>
Clithon sowerbianus
Stenomelania rufescens
Peregrinamor ohshimai
<Vascular Plants>
Aster tripolium (Sea aster)
Triglochin asiaticum

* This is the species list of which meet the criteria. In that matter, this list does not include all species that inhabit the individual area.
Abbreviation in the information is as follows.
[Br/Ne] : Adjacent water of breeding area or nesting site
[Sp] : spawning area
[Ad] : species not used for analysis but add to the list because inhabit information was collected later
[Ex] : species used for analysis but considered to be possibly extinct in the EBSA region (area)
No mark : data of species distribution


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