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Publication of Map Information of Abundance and Potential for the Introduction of Renewable Energy in Japan

January 13, 2011

As a 2009 project, MOE carried out a study entitled "Study of Potential for the Introduction of Renewable Energy."*1 We release map information for "abundance"*2 and "introduction potential"*3 of wind power generation (onshore and offshore), small and medium scale hydro power generation and geothermal generation, showing the degree of possibility for introducing each power to each prefecture. The map data can be found on the following website and can be used via Google Earth, although it is available only in Japanese.

The MOE has been improving the abundance and introduction potential, and thus the revised map information may be published in spring 2011.

*1 The English summary of the report is available at:

*2 Abundance: Energy resources which can be estimated theoretically but do not take into account various limiting factors, such as land use and technical feasibility.

*3 Introduction potential: Feasible energy resources where various limiting factors concerning energy collection and use are taken into consideration and which are estimated under the scenarios (assumptions) for the limiting factors.

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