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Launch of a New Climate Change Campaign, "Fun to Share"

photo The Ministry of the Environment has started its new climate change campaign called "Fun to Share" with a view to realizing a low-carbon society. "Fun to Share" aims to develop lifestyle innovations through cooperation between companies, organizations, local communities and individuals as well as the sharing and dissemination of information, technology and wisdom in a progressive manner that leads to the building of a low-carbon society.

Greeting from Minister of the Environment Mr. Ishihara

Global warming has now become a common challenge to humanity and is proceeding as we speak. Various studies have concluded that global warming is caused by us human beings. These conclusions mean that each and every one of us needs to face the earth and consider global warming as our own problem. Japan has so far carried out a variety of efforts and activities towards the realization of a low-carbon society. This has resulted in a steady expansion of eco-friendly technologies and services, as well as earth-conscious lifestyles in Japan.

A scene from the "Fun to Share" kick-off event

With a view to realizing a low-carbon society, the Ministry of the Environment launched its new climate change campaign - "Fun to Share" - on March 26, 2014. "Fun to Share" is a concept for encouraging one another to create a low-carbon society while enjoying sharing the latest knowledge to achieve one. It would miss the point if you had to strive and endure through hardship to create the future of a beautiful and rich earth. Rather than forcing restraint and desperate struggle, the concept of "Fun to Share" is to encourage people to enjoy everyday life in the process of achieving a low-carbon society. The blue circle of the "Fun to Share" logo represents the earth and symbolizes the wish for citizens to cooperate hand in hand with each other to create a beautiful earth.

The kick-off campaign event held on March 26 was attended by many participants from economic and industrial organizations, local governments, as well as celebrities who had issued a declaration to support "Fun to Share." Today, technologies and efforts to realize a low-carbon society are emerging from various regions, organizations and companies. This campaign seeks to develop "lifestyle innovations" by sharing such wisdom known only to some people and by disseminating it in a progressive manner. Utilizing this shared wisdom, we will disseminate lifestyle-changing trends to the world.

Please imagine the future, a couple of decades from now. Imagine the town you currently live is overflowing with green. The children are even more energetic than they are now, running around actively. You feel at peace under the greenery with your loved ones. Also imagine the future in which the northeast coast of Japan is again surrounded by rich nature and filled with people's laughter. Let's share our wishes and make the earth's future a wonderful one that we create together. We hope you also start your own "Fun to Share" everyday life to realize a low-carbon society!

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