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Becoming a Leading Environmental Nation Strategy in the 21st Century

June 6, 2007

photo one of the chairmans of the Central Environmental Counsil handed the proposal of "Becoming a Leading Environmental Nation Strategy" to Minister of the Environment Wakabayashi.

"Becoming a Leading Environmental Nation Strategy in the 21st Century -Japan's strategy for a Sustainable Society," which includes our proposals on the international framework in the G8 summit and presents the future directions of strategic environmental policy in Japan, was decided upon by the cabinet on June 1, 2007.

The strategy proposes that we aim to build a sustainable society through comprehensive measures integrating the three aspects of the society, specifically, A Low Carbon Society, A Sound Material-Cycle Society and A Society in Harmony with Nature. We can apply our wisdom and tradition of living in harmony with nature to present-day use and utilize our world renowned environmental and energy technologies, our experience and knowledge of having overcome serious pollution, and our abundant human resources full of earnestness and abilities to create a driving force that can bring forth environment-oriented economic growth and invigorate local communities. We will cooperate with actors in various sectors to create a "Japanese model" for a graceful "Environmental Nation" so that we can contribute to the development and prosperity of the world and dispatch the idea throughout Asia, and to the world.

Eight strategies to be implemented with priority in the next one to two years are presented in the 21st Century Environmental Nation Strategy. Strategy 1, which focuses on climate change, proposes a initiative titled "Cool Earth 50," consisting of the 3 pillars to address this issue; long-term strategy, mid-term strategy, and launching a national campaign for achieving the Kyoto Protocol target.

Strategy 2, which addresses conservation of biodiversity, proposes the Satoyama Initiative to the world in order to build a society that is in harmony with nature. "Satoyama" indicates a society and framework which enriches the biodiversity of the area through traditional and sustainable use of natural resources.
Strategy 3 focuses on sustainable material cycles through the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and proposes domestic and international actions to promote the 3Rs.

The Ministry of the Environment will take the lead in implementing the strategy through partnerships between other ministries and agencies, businesses and civil society.

The summary of the strategy is as follows.

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