International Workshop on ECO ASIA Long-term Project

3-4 March 1998
Tokyo, Japan



  1. The International Workshop on ECO ASIA Long-term Project was held in Tokyo, Japan from 3 to 4 March 1998. It was attended by 38 participants from 14 countries and 5 organizations (see Participants List). The workshop was chaired by Mr. Saburo Kato.

  2. The objectives of the workshop were (i) to share information on the recent events and initiatives related to the project, and (ii) to develop the work plan for Phase II of the Long-term Project.

  3. A leading presentation was made about Phase I of the Project. Reports were also made on ECO ASIA activities in February 1998, including the Second International Workshop on Environmental Information Network for Asia and the Pacific (ECO ASIA NET) held in Tokyo, and the workshop of the Project on Eco Consciousness in Asia-Pacific held in Hong Kong.

  4. Presentations were made on issues of relevance to planned and possible future activities of ECO ASIA, including

  5. An active discussion was held over a draft Work Plan of Phase II of the ECO ASIA Long-term Project. Main points of the discussions were as follows.

  6. Participants agreed that the objectives of Phase II of the Project are:

    These objectives will be attained through application of the four concepts, namely; Eco-Consciousness, Eco-Partnership, Eco-Technology and Eco-Investment, and Eco-Linkage, which were developed in Phase I.

  7. Groups were formed during the workshop to discuss the Project development and Phase II activities for the each of the areas of ECO ASIA work: (a) Eco-Consciousness, (b) Eco-Partnerships, (c) Eco-Policy Linkages, (d) Eco-Technology/Eco-Investment. In addition, one group discussed the focal points for ECO ASIA Long-term Projects, and involvement of ECO ASIA NET and stakeholders.

  8. The participants agreed to revise the draft Work Plan of Phase II of the Project to reflect discussions made and agreement reached at this workshop. The time schedule for future work agreed upon for 1998 is as follows:

    mid-AprilDistribute Second Draft of Phase II Work Plan for further review
    end of MaySubmission of comments to the Secretariat
    end of JuneDistribute Draft Final Work Plan
    SeptemberSubmission to ECO ASIA Congress

  9. The Environment Agency of Japan announced that it would report the outcome of this workshop and the progress to date on the Long-term Project at the ECO ASIA Congress to be held in Sendai, Japan in September 1998.

  10. Participants expressed their appreciation to the Environment Agency of Japan for hosting the workshop, and to Mr. Kato for his excellent chairing of the workshop.