First International Workshop on Environmental Information Network in Asia and the Pacific

First International Workshop on
Environmental Information Network
in Asia and the Pacific

16-17 October, 1996
Tokyo, Japan


  1. The First International Workshop on Environmental Information Network in Asia and the Pacific (ECO-ASIA NET) was held in Tokyo, Japan from 16 to 17 October 1996. It was organized by the Environment Agency of Japan and was attended by 80 participants from 8 countries and 6 international organizations. The workshop was chaired by Dr. Hidefumi Imura.

  2. The proposed outline and contents of ECO-ASIA NET were presented by the secretariat.

  3. After intensive discussion, the participants generally agreed that the purposes and functions of ECO-ASIA NET may be as follows, although some refining will be necessary after further consideration:

    1. to support sustainable development in the Asia Pacific region by information sharing, and
    2. to support realization of the four concepts proposed at ECO-ASIA, i.e. Eco-Consciousness, Eco-Partnership, Eco-Technology and Eco-Investment, and Eco-Policy Linkage, by utilizing Internet technology and infrastructure.

    1. providing an electronic forum where policy makers or administrative officials can discuss, ask questions and provide answers,
    2. sharing information on the environment among policy makers, private companies, NGOs and so on,
    3. enhancing the retrieval, organization and management of environmental information, using Internet, in a form that is easy to use, relevant, and updated regularly for users,
    4. linking existing databases, such as those developed by UNEP, relevant to the Asia-Pacific region, and making them available to ECO-ASIA NET users, and
    5. collecting constructive opinions and proposals from various kinds of people and organizations.

  4. The participants made presentations on Internet connectivity, existing environmental information systems, and their expectations on the role of the ECO-ASIA NET. They noted that existing electronic environmental networks should be fully considered in order to avoid duplication.

  5. It was generally agreed that the information to be exchanged through ECO-ASIA NET should include: (1)basic environmental information such topics as environmental policy and environmental legislation, (2) information related to the four concepts proposed at ECO-ASIA, and (3) specific information provided by some countries or organizations that could be widely shared by all (e.g. chemicals database, technology database).

  6. It was generally agreed that a draft guideline for ECO-ASIA NET will be prepared before the next International Workshop taking into account the presentations made at the workshop ss well as the results of the case studies to be conducted by Japanese experts in cooperation with the workshop participants.

  7. It, was generally agreed that the objectives of the case studies will include research on the level of Internet capability and use in participating countries, compatibility with systems in use, and identification of training requirements. Several countries expressed their interest in taking part in a case study mission. Prior to consent, however, they requested a formal letter, which includes the TOR of the case studies, from the Environment Agency of Japan.

  8. It was noted that a step-by-step approach should be adopted in developing the ECO-ASIA NET.

  9. With regard to the next, workshop, the secretariat explained that it could be held separately from the workshop for the ECO AS1A Long-Term Perspective Project,

  10. The participants expressed their appreciation to the Environment Agency of Japan for hosting the First International Workshop on ECO-ASIA NET, and also to Dr. Hidefumi Imura for his excellent chairmanship.

First International Workshop for
Environmental Information Network
in Asia and the Pacific


Wednesday. 16 October

10:00-10:15 - 1.Opening
- 2.Selection of Chairman

10:15-10:30 - 3. Background of ECO-ASIA NET (Secretariat)

10:30-11:20 - 4. Outline of ECO-ASIA NET (Secretariat)

11:20-12:00 - 5. Discussion

12:00-13:30 -- Lunch --

13:30-14:10 - 6. Contents of ECO-ASIA NET (Secretariat)

14:10-15:00 - 7. Discussion of Function and Contents of ECO-ASIA NET

15:00-15:15 -- Coffee break --

15:15-16:00 - 7. Discussion of Function and Contents of ECO-ASIA NET (contd.)

16:00- -- Demonstration --

Thursday. 17 October

10:00-12:00 - 8. Status of Internet use in each country and international institution,

12:00-13:30 -- Lunch --

13:30-14:00 - 9. Discussion of implementation of case studies, future schedule

14:00-15:00 -- Coffee break --

15:00-16:00 - 10. Summing-up

- 11. Closing

List of Participants