Global Environment

Day 2

(30th October, 2015)



Plenary 2: Data collection and/or information needs for impacts and vulnerability assessment

Facilitator: Mr. Michinobu Aoyama, JICA


Dr. Kampanart Piyathamrongchai, Naresuan University, Thailand: "Climate change vulnerability assessment in Thailand" [PDF 2,481KB]

Ms. Tran Thanh Thuy, IMHEN, Vietnam: "Adaptation to Climate Changes: Data/Information Needs Collection in Viet Nam" [PDF 1,604KB]

Dr. Juan M. Pulhin,, Professor, Department of Social Forestry and Forest Governance, College of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of the Philippines Los Banos: "Making Impacts and Vulnerability Assessment More Robust: Methods, and Information Needs" [PDF 4,017KB]

Q&A Session and Discussion


Coffee Break

Session 4: Panel Discussion on learning of case studies focusing on water management and agriculture

Facilitator: Mr. Sarder Shafiqul Alam, ICCCAD


Guiding questions for panel discussion:

1) How did the government initiate adaptation-related projects, especially focusing on water management and agriculture?

2) Is this project linked to national development plans and/or NAP process?
3) What kinds of stakeholders including donors are involved with this project?

4) Are there any good practices and lessons?


Mr. Noor Avianto, Indonesia

Dr. Akarapon Houbcharaun, Thailand

Mr. Suchart Sirijungsakul, Thailand

Mr. Acacio da Costa Guterres, Timor Leste

Requested to prepare for panelists:

Panelists will be asked to prepare for brief oral presentation based on each guiding question (per 2-3 minutes)



Session 5: Breakout Group Discussion (2) on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) on adaptation in each country

MC: Mr. Shingo Takahashi, MRI


Guiding questions for group discussion:

1) Are there any experiences for M&E on adaptation-related projects?

2) Has your government considered M&E scheme for national level?

3) Are there any lessons from consideration process of M&E scheme?

4) What are the opportunities to incorporate adaptation M&E into national M&E systems that exists for development planning?


* Participants from countries and experts will be divided into two groups.

* Experts will be kindly requested to facilitate and report each discussion.

How to proceed:

After explanation of guiding questions from a facilitator, ice-breakers will share their experiences for 3-5 minutes. Then, each group will discuss for 60 minutes, followed by report back session for 15 minute.

Speakers (ice-breakers):

Ms. Helena T. Gaddi, the Philippines


Coffee Break


Sharing views for 2-days' session

Closing Remarks from Japan

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