Global Environment

Statement by Yoriko Kawaguchi, Minister of the Environment, on behalf of the Delegation of Japan

November 9, 2001

Mr. President,

On behalf of the Government of Japan, I would like to first express my sincere gratitude to you, President Elyazghi, for skillfully guiding the work of the Marrakech Conference to a successful conclusion. I would also like to express my deep appreciation to the Executive Secretary, Mr. Michael Cutajar, and his staff for ably supporting our work. I wish to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Cutajar for his dedicated service since the very beginning of the climate change negotiation process.

Mr. President,

It is my great pleasure to be part of this historic agreement, which marks a decisive step towards the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol in 2002. Japan will join in the consensus that will establish realistic and predictable rules with limited restrictions in order to enable the stakeholders to realize their potential for creative activities. It is our firm belief that workable rules for the Kyoto mechanisms are crucial in ensuring efficiency and sustainability of our actions against climate change. We will intensify national actions in order to achieve the reduction commitment in the Kyoto Protocol.

Mr. President,

After COP7, the climate change negotiations will enter another stage. Japan looks forward to starting consideration of ways to take further steps at COP8.

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