Global Environment

Statement of Japan Delivered by H.E. Ms. Yoriko KAWAGUCHI Minister of the Environment of Japan

July 23, 2001

Mr. President,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your tireless and dedicated work as the President of COP6, in which an agreement on a number of important issues under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and critical issues vital to the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol was reached.

Since the historic conference in Kyoto in 1997, Japan has devoted full effort working in close cooperation with other partners to seek successful conclusion to the negotiations. In the course of negotiations, we have pursued viable and sustainable systems and mechanisms to help achieve the goals of the Framework Convention and the Kyoto Protocol. The Government of Japan is pleased to join in the consensus to adopt the decisions we made today. Today's agreement is a vital step forward towards realizing the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol by 2002.

In order to achieve the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol, we need to have the widest possible participation of all countries. We shall build a system to encourage all our friends to join us in our common efforts to address global warming.

Our work continues, and many more days of hard work will be required to ensure that detailed rules and procedures are adequately laid down. I am very happy to see that consensus was reached thanks to the flexibility and patience of all participating countries. Global warming requires us to mobilize our wisdom and courage, as we sail across uncharted water into the future.

On behalf of Japan, I would like to make a statement regarding financial support for developing countries.

Japan welcomes the political declaration delivered by other members of Annex II countries. We associate ourselves with many elements included in the declaration, such as those regarding the streamlining of the GEF procedure, and the establishment of an Adaptation Fund, a Special Climate Change Fund, and a Least Developed Countries Fund, which shall contribute substantively to supporting the efforts of developing countries in tackling climate change.

Japan is committed to supporting the efforts of developing countries in addressing climate change, which is a global problem requiring global response. We have transformed this commitment into concrete action through the Kyoto Initiative announced in 1997. Under the Kyoto Initiative, Japan has committed itself to providing on average about 2.4 billion US dollars annually in loans of highly preferential terms for projects related to climate change in developing countries. Japan has also provided financial and technical assistance amounting to 7.4 billion US dollars for climate change projects since 1998. Japan hopes that such on-going activities to assist developing countries will be legitimately recognized as contributing to strengthening the actions of developing countries against climate change. Let me conclude by expressing our commitment to enhance our on-going efforts to assist developing countries in the area of climate change.

Thank you.


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