Global Environment

Statement of Yoriko Kawaguchi, Minister of the Environment, at the COP6 Resumed Session

July 19, 2001

Delegation of the Government of Japan

1. Japan will exert its utmost efforts to make it possible for many countries, including Japan, to conclude the Kyoto Protocol. Aiming at the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol by 2002, Japan will actively work with other parties for the success of the COP6 resumed session.

2. In order to pursue effective measures against global warming, it is important for all countries to act under one single rule.

3. The participation of the United States, the world's largest emitter of GHGs, is extremely important for all the countries in order to ensure the effectiveness of measures against global warming. To have the US participation for the early entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol is by far the best scenario. Some may argue that we shall go forward without US participation in the Kyoto Protocol. Others may argue that we shall wait until the US is ready to participate in the Kyoto Protocol. However, these two scenarios are much less desirable in light of the spirit of the Protocol.
While Japan is pro-actively engaging in consultation with the US, Japan does not want to delay the progress of the negotiations in this session because of the consultation. Similarly, we shall not create obstacles for the US to participate but rather facilitate its participation in forging an agreement on the rules of the Kyoto Protocol.

4. Japan's CO2 emission per GDP is one of the lowest among the developed countries. Japan has already achieved the highest level of energy efficiency, i.e. Japan's total energy consumption per real GDP is approximately one third of the US and two thirds of Germany. That is to say, Japan consumes less energy and emits less gas to produce one unit of GDP. Japan is also providing the largest amount of assistance to developing countries and large portion of it is directed to activities for mitigating climate change. In addition, on July 10, the relevant ministers of the Government of Japan agreed to enhance domestic measures to achieve the reduction target of the Kyoto Protocol. We are determined to step up efforts to actively address the task of combating global warming both domestically and internationally, and invite other countries to do the same.

5. It is the best scenario for the whole world as well as for future generations if the Kyoto Protocol enters into force by 2002 with the broadest possible participation including the US. We believe that pursuing the best scenario requires political leadership.

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