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Health & Chemicals

Report on the Evaluation of PRTR Pilot Project in Japan

Annex 2: Target Facilities

Type of industryEmployees
Food production, drinks/fertilizers/tobacco production, timber/wood product manufacturing, pulp/paper/other paper products production, publishing/printing and related chemical industry, petroleum products/coal product manufacturing, rubber product manufacturing, leather/copper/fur production, steel manufacturing, non-ferrous metal production, general equipment manufacturing, transport equipment manufacturing, precision instrument manufacturing, weapons manufacturing, other manufacturing, mining, electricity/gas/heating/water industries, railways, education, and scientific research institutions 100 persons or more
Textile industry, clothing/other textile industry, furniture/appliances manufacturing, plastic goods manufacturing, ceramics/pottery, metal products manufacturing, electrical equipment manufacturing, general construction, road cargo transport, cleaning, health/hygiene, waste treatment, and warehouses 30 persons or more
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