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3rd International Symposium on Children's Environmental Health

Ministry of the Environment held "International Symposium on Children's Environmental Health" at Mita Conference hall in Tokyo on February 24th 2005.

The Ministry has already held two international symposiums to facilitate the exchange of information and development of human resources in various nations by inviting researchers and administrators from countries where measures to protect children's environmental health are already advanced and countries where efforts are being actively made.

For this year's symposium, we have invited experts and administrators from the USA, Sweden, Germany and Japan to report to us on their studies and other activities in a way that a wide range of people will be able to follow.


A Swedish Environmental Health Report with focus on Children[PDF 90KB]
Katarina Victorin (Institute of Environmental Medicines, Karolinska Institutet)
Presentation data [PDF 34KB]
Children's Environmental Health in Germany [PDF 66KB]
Norbert Englet (Department Environmental Hygiene and Environmental Medicine, German Federal Environmental Agency)
Presentation data [PDF 120KB]
A Life Stage Approach to Asessing Children's Exposures[PDF 62KB]
Jacqueline Moya (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
Presentation data: 1[PDF 452KB] 2[PDF 638KB] 3[PDF 766KB] 4[PDF 206KB]
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Guideline for Children on Chemical Substances [PDF 63KB]
Shigeru Ikeda (Director, Toxic Chemical Substance Countermeasures Section, Environmental Improvement Division, Bureau of Environment, Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
Presentation data [PDF 320KB]
Requirements for Hazard Assessment of Chemical Substances and the Nervous System [PDF 109KB]
Shinichi Kohsaka (Director General, National Institute of Neuroscience, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry Japan)
Presentation data [PDF 300KB]
Panel Discussion chairman : Iwao Uchiyama (kyoto University)
Keynote speech
Hiroaki Shiraishi (Head, Research Center for Environmental Risk, National Institute for Environmental Studies)
Presentation data [PDF 99KB]

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