Facilitating environmental management

@The Ministerfs Secretariat is responsible for the general coordination of ministry affairs relating to personnel, laws and budgets. It also leads efforts on drafting environmental measures, makes policy evaluations, conducts publicity and collects environmental information. Through all these efforts, the Minister's Secretariat works to ensure that the Ministry of the Environment fulfills its duties as effectively as possible.

Fulfilling to Improve
@ Environmental Administration

@The Minister's Secretariat comprehensively plans and drafts measures in order to maintain consistency in all its environmental management policies and systems, and to ensure the availability of sufficient resources such as personnel and funding.
Making active use of policy evaluation processes introduced as a reform measure to all national government ministries, the secretariat is striving to provide a high-quality, efficient and citizen-oriented administration.

Collecting, Sorting and
@ Publicizing Environmental
@ Information

@Through the investigations and collected information of a network of local environmental affairs officers and environmental monitors, the Ministers Secretariat closely monitors environmental issues and environmental conservation activities throughout Japan, as well as the environmental policies of local governments. It also listens actively to the views of citizens on environmental problems.
Ministry of the Environment publishes its collected information on the Internet and through other media.
Active Promotion
@of Publicity Activities

@Environmental problems can only be solved if all individual citizens develop a deeper understanding of environmental conservation and then reflect this in their concrete actions. Recognizing this, the Ministry of the Environment carries out publicity activities throughout the year, making use of various media. It also hosts town meetings throughout the nation where ministers and top officials freely discuss issues with the participants.
On top of these activities, the ministry organizes events such as Environment Month, Global Warming Prevention Month and a broad range of other activities designed to inform and educate citizens about environmental problems.
Environment Day
and Environment Month
@The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment was held in Stockholm 1972, over the two weeks from June 5. It was here that the Declaration on the Human Environment was adopted, setting universal targets for protecting and improving the environment for current and future generations of human beings, and expressing a determination to realize these aims.
@To commemorate this conference, the United Nations designated June 5 as World Environment Day. Today, a wide variety of environment-related events are organized in many countries around the world. Japan too has designated June 5 as Environment Day, in accordance with the Basic Environment Law. Furthermore, the whole month of June has been designated as Environment Month. Each year during June, many events are held throughout Japan to promote awareness of environmental conservation and active participation in environmental issues.

Using the Internet to Provide
Environmental Information
Office of Environmental
General Affairs Division,
Minister's Secretariat
Tel: 03-5521-8212
Information Center
Tel: 03-3595-3992

Ministry of the Environment Web Site: URLFhttp://www.env.go.jp/

@Ministry of the Environment (MOE) uses its Web site to keep the public informed of its activities.
The MOE web site offers a wide range of information, including the latest on environmental administration (e.g. press releases and council materials) and various documents (e.g. environmental laws, Environmental White Paper and research reports).
In order to reflect public opinion in its environmental policies, the Ministry invites citizens to comment on policy proposals and give suggestions of environmental policies through the MOE Mail (MOE@env.go.jp).
The Ministry has also set up the gonline electronic applicationg to enable citizens to carry out various administrative procedures online.

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EIC Net URLFhttp://www.eic.or.jp/

@EIC Net (Environmental Information & Communication Network):
EIC Net was set up as a network to distribute environmental information from government bodies and various other organizations, as well as to facilitate information exchanges between these groups. EIC Net's key purpose is to promote environmental education and environmental conservation activities.
This network is operated by the Environmental Information Center under the supervision of the National Institute for Environmental Studies.

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