Establishing a Sound Material-Cycle Societye
Promotion of Waste Management
Recycling Promotion
Promotion of Appropriate PCB Waste Treatment
Dealing with Waste in Big Cities
Proper Treatment of Domestic Wastewater
Reducing the Risks of Chemicals to the Environment
Basic Environment Plan
Compensation for Health Damage from Pollution
Promotion of Environmental Education, Learning, and Conservation Activities Poison Gas Issues in Japan
Environmental White Paper
Integration of the Environment and the Economy
Fulfilling to Improve Environmental Administration

Promotion of Green Purchasing

Collecting, Sorting and Publicizing Environmental Information
Promotion of Environmental Research and Technology
Active Promotion of Publicity Activities
Promotion of Environment-Friendly Activities by Corporations
Studying the Possibility of Introducing the Environment Tax
Promotion of Environmental Impact Assessment
Global Warming Prevention
Ozone Layer Protection
Other Efforts against Global Environmental Issues
International Environmental Cooperation
Global Environment Research and Monitoring
Measures to prevent air pollution from factories and industrial facilities
Measures against automotive pollution
Dioxin Measures
Measures to Conserve the Living Environment
Other Activities
Achievement of Environmental Quality Standards
Conserving Water Quality in Closed Water Systems
Selected 100 Exquisite and Well Conserved Waters
The Growing Global Threat and Awareness of Environmental Problems
Selection of Pleasant Beaches
Depletion of Energy Resources
Current State of Acid Deposition and Initiatives
Securing an Environmentally Sound Water Cycle
Ozone Layer Depletion
The Water Environmental Partnership in Asia
Current State of Desertification
Conservation of Soil Environment and Groundwater Quality
Reduction of Biodiversity
Measures to Prevent Pollution from Agricultural Chemicals
Measures against Ground Subsidence
Global Warming and Personal Lifestyles
Air and Water Pollution
The National Biodiversity Strategy of Japan
Waste and Recycling
Initiatives for Nature Conservation
Environmental Risk Management of Chemicals
Nature Restoration
Natural Environment of Japan
Promotion of Communion with Nature
Wildlife Management
Humane Treatment and Management of Animals
Promotion of International Cooperation
Internet Nature Information System