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Scheme of Governmental Support For Local Governments
- Support Schemes

This webpage presents governmental support schemes and programs assisting private companies and local governments to achieve low carbon development in Asia.

Support scheme for local governments

The importance of the role that local governments play in the field of countermeasures against climate change is considered increasingly important. In addition, the time has come for Japanese local governments to utilize the knowledge of environmental administration they have assembled thus far to assist cities in developing countries in terms of economic development and various urban environmental problems.

This webpage presents support systems and programs by local governments. These support systems and programs are intended to encourage international environmental cooperation initiated by local governments in Japan.

Demands for Promotion of Overseas Collaboration

Preparation Phase Project Formation Phase Project Implementation Phase Follow-up Phase
①Support system for personnel training
②Support system to establish communication channels with foreign local governments
③Support system to respond to requests for cooperation from foreign local governments
④Support system to assist local companies to promote their business overseas
⑤Support system for financial support to projects overseas